Air India Web Check In Makes Travelers Lives A Lot Easier
18.07.2013 16:47
The airline industry has seen a constant upward development when it comes to its processes and services. Travelers can now avail a number of facilities online, ranging from flight bookings to travel arrangements at the destination location and hotel bookings too. Air India ensures that they too are at a constant attempt to make their customers lives a lot easier while travelling.
The Air India web check in is a facility for passengers with a confirmed booking to check in for their flights via the Air India website. Therefore, passengers now have the luxury of checking in online as well. Moreover, what makes it easier is that you do not have to formally register to avail this service. A long as the passenger holds a confirmed ticket he can log onto the website and check in for their flight. The facility is accessible 48 hours in advance of the flight timing and up to 2 hours prior to the flight. This facility is very user friendly and the instructions on the Air India website are self-explanatory.
All one needs to do is input the requested flight details and successfully complete the check in process. Once this is done, you will also get a prompt to print the boarding pass. Having a computer or laptop and a printer at hand eases this process as you can directly print out the Boarding Pass. The Air India web check in facility not only eases things for its passengers but also saves on a lot of their precious time.


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