Discover India with an Air India Ticket Booking
19.12.2013 12:20

Air India has been offering top- notch luxury flight services across many destinations within India since more than five decades.  This airline connects more than twenty commercial and tourism hubs within India and the convenient flight timings ensure that passengers can transit, arrive and depart from various locations with ease. One can easily make an Air India ticket booking through one of the many online travel portals or through the official Air India website. With excellent in-flight services and comfortable seating, this airline has been very popular among travelers.  There are special benefits for members of the Air India frequent flyer program across the network.

The official website of Air India has a detailed flight schedule to help passengers plan their travel. The website provides step by step guidelines to help the traveler book a seat on the selected flight. One has to simple select the ‘From’ and ‘To’ destination and the journey date and a list of available flights with timings will appear. Travelers can chose from the seating categories of First, Executive and Economy class.  On choosing the desired flight and making the online payment, the e-ticket is sent to the specified email address. Before making an Air India ticket booking, one can browse through all the offers under the ‘Special Offers’ section which has seasonal promotions. One can not only avail of excellent discounts on ticket fares but also many hotel and flight combination booking offers as well.  Special fares are available for corporate travel and also on various domestic and international flight bookings for regular travelers.


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