Things to Know about Air India Ticket Booking and Cost Factor
16.10.2013 15:31

Air India is the most reputed air travel service provider in India. Being the national airways of the nation, Air India is the favorite choice of majority of the travelers in the domestic and international sectors in India. Air India initially started its operations in 1932 and has been providing successful and commendable service to the users over the last eight decades. Air India ticket booking can be done through several easy options and the most advanced booking mode is through online booking.

Air India operates flights to more than 50 destinations internationally and also to all major airports in India domestically. The on-time schedule is one of the major features of Air India, which makes it the favorite of passengers. The staff and support team of the airline is also very experienced and is all set to provide a fully professional service to the users.

For its service quality and passengers safety features, Air India received the Skytrax Airline Excellent Award as well as also received the 4-star rating in the airline sector. Also, this specialized air travel service provider received other recognitions too. Moreover, Air India comes on top of any customer polls conducted amongst the air travelers in India.

The airline has code-share agreement with a lot of other airlines from all over the world and this makes it easier for the customers to do Air India ticket booking to travel to any destination globally through the universal network. Air India flights are fully facilitated and customized to provide deluxe class comfort to the passengers at the most economic airfares.

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